Message From Prinicpal

Principal, NSIED Pokhari

The aims of education reflect the current needs and aspirations of the society as well as its lasting values, and the immediate concerns of the community. At any given time and place they can be called the contemporary and contextual articulations of broad and lasting human aspirations and values. The educational aims also turn the different activities undertaken in schools and other educational institutions into a creative pattern. In such context, the role of teacher is very important. It requires a major shift in Teacher Education Programme.

The major shift in the teacher's role where the teacher assumes a position centre stage as a source of knowledge, as custodian and manager of all teaching learning processes. Now his/her role needs to be shifted from being a source of knowledge to being a facilitator, of transforming information into knowledge/wisdom, as a supporter in enhancing learning through multiple exposures, encouraging the learner to continuously achieve his/her educational goals. Netaji Subhas Institute of Education, Pokhari is committed to prepare the teachers who will face the challenges for the 21st century.